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Learning through faith, family and friendship

Year 5

A New Year, A New Topic!

A happy new year to one and all! I know the children will be itching to get back into class to start learning all about our new topic 'Space'. Our English genre is based around Sci-Fi stories and will involve the creation of some wonderful places and characters. 



Interested in knowing more? Please click on the 'Spring 1' curriculum plan below to see what we have planned for all curriculum areas being covered this half term. 



As always, PE kit, including outdoor kit, will need to be in school at all times during the week unless specified. 

Can I also ask that swimming kit is clearly labelled and in school on a Tuesday for our session on Tuesday afternoon.

Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday for testing the following Wednesday. Home readers and diaries should be in school every day for checking. Children should be writing at least three comments a week about the book they are reading, could I please ask for parents to also check and sign the diary to confirm children are reading at home. Many thanks for your support in this.   


Year 5

The Autumn term has seen the class tackle many interesting topics such as ‘Great Britain’ - a look at the Anglo Saxon period of the country, where the children enjoyed learning about how the Saxons used to write using runes and how we come to have our modern names for days of the week from their belief in Gods and Goddesses. The class has also been investigating the different biomes that exists throughout the world by making their own ‘mini’ biomes and then writing about the environments which they occur, this presented many interesting strands of conversation that were developed into smaller separate topics.

Our art work focus is currently looking at the life and works of Catherine O'Keefe, an American modernist painter whose favourite subject was flowers and their intricate detail. This in depth sketching and drawing has really engaged the pupils, who look forward to completing their final piece of work by sketching their biomes.

In literacy the class has been completely immersed in several topics such as: adventure stories, persuasive letters, stories with historical settings, poetry and finally play scripts. The use of the updated class role play area and library has led to children being able to plan their own writing by being immersed in the genre and associated vocabulary that they have all taken a part in creating. The class has had a real drive on multiplication skills, place value, properties of shape and prime and composite numbers in their maths work, as well as taking on angles and their different properties. This has all lead to a superb opportunity to use our maths in a cross curricular fashion by building shapes out of cocktail sticks and midget gems to form 3D equilateral pyramids. These were them combined to see who could make the strongest structure when it came to holding a can of beans for the longest period of time.

Regular swimming bath visits have resulted in the class being put through their paces in their swimming skills. Their sporting skills have further been demonstrated during recent football games against other schools, at which they have performed admirably alongside their fellow pupils in year 6. Outside visits from musical visitors; trips to the forest school to observe changes in the seasons; Maths being taught through football, the life bus visiting; being taught basic life support and many other activities involving outside agencies have all come together to create an exciting and stimulating half term in Year 5 and across the school.




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to me or another member of the class team. 

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