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Learning through faith, family and friendship

Year 6

Year 6


Year 6 have had a busy start to the term. In September we have introduced a role play area in our classroom based on our English topic ‘Survival.’ Based on this theme we have tried to bring Forest School indoors and enhance the children’s vocabulary from our novel ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo. As part of our ‘Survival’ topic, we had a visit from Zoo2U who discussed how animals have adapted to survive in their environment to go alongside our science topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance.’ We have also had a visit to the Life Education bus learning how to keep our bodies healthy. Year 6 also had a Forest School sleepover, which they all thoroughly enjoyed to encourage a sense of bonding as a year group.

This half term our topic changed to ‘Britten’s got talent,’ we are discussing how music has evolved over the years. In English we are studying the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and our role play involves a yellow brick road and some ruby shoes. The children have selected some quotes from the story and have placed these on the road. Our Year 6 children visit EYFS each Thursday afternoon to read to the youngest children, both classes are enjoying this time. In November, we had a visit from the Leyland Truck Science Roadshow, the children had to work as a team and solve problems (both science and maths)

In Year 6 we encourage them to become more responsible… we have selected 7 Woodland Warriors who help look after Forest School, 4 Digital Leaders have been selected after applying for the position and our 12 prefects have been selected for the term.

Year 6 completed a ‘Play in a day’ on anti-bullying and performed this to the whole school and their parents, highlighting what bullying is and what to do if it was to happen in our school. Year 6 have also completed a 6 week course on netball from the South Ribble Sports Partnership. As a class we have also enjoyed a visit from ‘Judaism with Jeremy’ who spoke to the children all about Rosh Hashanah.

Have you registered to receive updates from our new class Dojo? Year 6 children are responding well to the new system and are excited to hear that you will receive regular updates. 

Our 'Woodland Warriors' have had a very busy day, planting new trees and shrubs in our Forest School.


The children will receive homework on Friday to be handed in for the following Wednesday. Spelling is important and these are given to the children on Monday for the children to learn for the following Monday.



Reading is essential for improving writing, comprehensions, grammar and spelling. Children will be expected to take their reading book and diary home every night. Year 6 children are expected to record their reading in their reading journal, this will be checked each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How can I help with writing?

A good place to start is to talk with your child about their current writing target. All children will soon have a writing target and they should be able to articulate this to you. For most children, this target has a focus on grammar and punctuation. Targets are reviewed regularly based on the teacher’s understanding of the child through day-to-day assessment, as well as through looking at your child’s independent work. Ask your child how they are working towards their target and what achieving it looks like. Prompt children to consider their target when they are completing their homework.


  • Be a writing model yourself and encourage your child to write both alongside you and with you. Ask your child to help you with letters, emails, lists or forms. This helps your child to see first hand that writing is important to adults and truly useful throughout everyday life. This is a very powerful form of supporting your child as they see real writing for a purpose. They will see you editing and redrafting as you go and recognise how all adults make active language choices for a specific effect on the reader. It might even make writing that letter of complaint to your internet supplier/energy supplier a little less tedious!

Spring Term 2018 Curriculum Map

Report to Governors reporting from Year 6

Year 6 Forest school sleepover

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