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Our virtual open evening video is under Welcome and Parents/Admissions. If you would like a Zoom meeting with the Headteacher and Class Teacher please contact school to arrange a suitable time.

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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Loving and learning through faith, family and friendship
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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Loving and learning through faith, family and friendship

Year 6

English w/c 6.7.2020

English 29.6.2020

Topic 22.6.2020

English w/c 22nd June 2020

English w/c 15.6.2020

Topic transition work w/c 15.6.2020

An update for our suggested weekly maths plan, White Rose Maths are doing a daily maths lesson, with a demonstration video and activities with answers once completed, these can be found on:


These can be done if you would like some guidance on maths learning, hope this helps.



Recommended sites for home learning:




Welcome to Year 6!




The children will receive homework on Friday to be handed in for the following Wednesday. Spelling is important and these are given to the children on Monday for the children to learn for the following Monday.



Reading is essential for improving writing, comprehensions, grammar and spelling. Children will be expected to take their reading book and diary home every night. Year 6 children are expected to record their reading in their reading journal, this will be checked each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Mrs Noblet

Class Teacher

How can I help with writing?

A good place to start is to talk with your child about their current writing target. All children will soon have a writing target and they should be able to articulate this to you. For most children, this target has a focus on grammar and punctuation. Targets are reviewed regularly based on the teacher’s understanding of the child through day-to-day assessment, as well as through looking at your child’s independent work. Ask your child how they are working towards their target and what achieving it looks like. Prompt children to consider their target when they are completing their homework.


  • Be a writing model yourself and encourage your child to write both alongside you and with you. Ask your child to help you with letters, emails, lists or forms. This helps your child to see first hand that writing is important to adults and truly useful throughout everyday life. This is a very powerful form of supporting your child as they see real writing for a purpose. They will see you editing and redrafting as you go and recognise how all adults make active language choices for a specific effect on the reader. It might even make writing that letter of complaint to your internet supplier/energy supplier a little less tedious!

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Loving and learning through faith, family and friendship.