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Design Technology cooking week. A variety of dishes were cooked across school where the children researched and designed their own recipes with the children in Y6 cooking a curry from scratch. Delicious!

Bike Ability / Road Safety

Every year children in KS1 develop their bike skills and children in Year 5 spend a week learning how to ride safely on the road (and some basic bike maintenance). All the children successfully completed their 'Bikea-bility' training. Well done!

Art Week

Across the whole school, the children spent time in class developing their art skills, with the focus on painting. Children learnt how to mix colours, blend and apply paint in a variety of ways. Some of the art work produced was exceptional. 

Kandinsky Art work in Year 2

The children in Year 2 used paints and pastels to blend cool and warm colours. Inspired by the work of Kandinsky, the children's ability to mix and blend colours will be key to their painting in Key Stage 2. 

Stone Soup by the fire in Year 2

Inspired the the story 'Stone Soup', the children in Year 2 sampled, designed and made their own soup. As is always the case with DT at St Catherine's, the children selected all the ingredients, chopped, prepared and made the soup from start to finish themselves. Zane, our resident 'fire' expert in Year 6, helped the children cook one of their soups on the open fire.  

Fire brigade visit for the children in EYFS

The children in EYFS enjoyed a visit from the fire brigade as part of our PSHE curriculum. Some lucky children were able to have a go on the hose!

School trip to Smithills Farm

As part of their Knowledge and Understanding about the World, the children in Reception class visited Smithills farm in Bolton. They fed lambs, learnt about milking cows and how a real farm works. 

EYFS Gruffalo Sculpture

Across school, the children this term have been developing their use of clay. The children read the story of the Gruffalo and then designed their owns beasts. 

EYFS Number work

We have completely revamped our approach to maths in EYFS this year. The children spend more time partitioning numbers, ensuring that they have a deep understanding of exactly what a number is. The children use equipment everyday to support their understanding. The impact has been tremendous. 

Sculpture with Clay

As part of our Art curriculum, the children created their own Gargoyles out of clay. They worked all day with a local artist developing their skills and creating their own art. 


In Year 5 the children develop their understanding of structures and how to strengthen joins. The children developed their understanding by creating a 'stable' dwelling. They then tested their skills by building a bridge...and testing them to destruction.